As people, we have the unique gift of creating all the possibilities in our minds.As teachers, we have the mission of creating them for our students. That’s where the magic start ( step one), as we trigger our student’s imagination during the learning process.

Imagination is not attached to any electronic device or the internet.

 I am not against the amazing advances of internet or any device who makes our lives easy and definitively better.

My advice is more towards, to go to the basics. The humanity greatest minds, centuries before the internet revolution, created the most wonderful legacy in all art expressions.

Bright ideas live in our minds, no matter,  big or small ones. Take the time to listen to yourself and to listen to your students as well.

 Do not plan a class ahead without thinking and asking: How I could possible positive affect them?.Trig the magic!

It’s really not complicated it’s more an attitude a habit, you don’t need big resources, just bring the magic that lives in your mind as does live in your student’s minds as well. One more tip: be grateful, there is always something to be thankful about.


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