FAIL, does not bring us any joy, how many times we try to start, to improve, innovate, create, develop and then, we fail.What a bad feeling invade us, toward us, maybe to quit, to question ourselves, even ruin our day.

 We are wired,  to be successful in our first attempt, or a least in a  short period of time.  The less I fail,  I am better, I am definitely doing better, also, I feel great!

 In the art of mastering anything you want to accomplish, you have a good chance of failing. Fail it’s not bad, fail its the first attempt in learning.

Failing should take us to the next level. Let’s change the perception of failure, allow yourself and your students to fail, to embrace it,  as part of a meaningful learning process, that guides us on the path of discovering: another possibility, to open a new door,  to explore and enjoy the incredible journey of accomplishment in learning.


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