The dictionary definition of commitment is the following: ” the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause activity”.

Being more specific, commitment is a promise to give yourself into an activity you decide to accomplish. It is, therefore, a voluntary  act.

Commitments require discipline. There is not space allowed for excuses or complaints, it’s truly simple: either you’re committed or your not! No quarter, no half committed. Either you do or you don’t, there is not in between commitments.

Commitments are our reflection, we behave,  we live according to them; also, they need to be constantly nourished, this should always be considered as a work in progress.

One day, you choose to become an Educator, wonderful commitment! You have the unique privilege, of guiding, coaching dreams and goals.

As you’re nourishing your commitment as an Educator, be present and aware of how strong the impact of your actions is. Careful, for you are shaping your student’s  future lives.

Quoting Nelson Mandela:

“Education  is the most powerful weapon wich you can use to change the world ”

Be careful, for you are constantly working with the most powerful weapon to change the world:  EDUCATION


4 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Totally agree. In order to be a great educator, you must be 100% committed to it! Teaching and educating other people is a big responsibility.
    “There’s nothing worse than making a commitment and then having to break it at a later time”.
    So, ask yourself: How committed are you?


  2. As a teacher I think that this post is a good reminder of why we are here for, I want to thank you for those words and for putting your heart and knowlegde in this new blog!


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