Expectations !

We are always expecting things to be our way. If they turn to be different. Oh, big disappointment!

You plan classes according to the curriculum content, somehow finding the way to cover each lesson of the unit, expecting a good outcome for our students and of course for you.

Somehow, we are planning classes as a one-way road, so the outcome is going to be, If you are lucky: a one-way road or maybe a dead end road.

What happened with our student’s expectations?  Are you opening a channel that able them answering us this simple fundamental question:

What are you expecting for this lesson or unit to be?

Dare to ask them before planning. You’ll be amazed, how good ideas will start pouring, You are opening a two ways road or a highway.!

Consensus brings crystal clear expectations, work on them, bringing them to your class, give them a warm open welcome.

Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not someday, today.

You’ll not be disappointed.


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